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Clearos Still a Popular Choice for Vapers

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Clearos, Clearos Everywhere The vaping world moves really fast. Manufacturers are continually bringing out brand new tanks or upgrades to their previous design releases. There is a massive choice in the market and then, of course, there is the subohm world. A universe dedicated to creating clouds to rival that of the storms on Jupiter. […]

Flowermate the Best Range of Vaporizers!

Flowermate Range Best Vapers

Something for Everyone with Flowermate The Flowermate series of dry herb vaporizers deliver superb quality and versatility. As one of the most popular vaporizer brands in the world, they have continued to add to their range while keeping true to the original and recognisable V5 form. Each device brings its own unique customisation to match consumer […]

Vaping and Ecigarettes an Excellent Free Expert Tutorial

What is an ecigarette? Vaping on an electronic cigarette or ecigarette (ecig, vape, cloudmaker, puffer, efag etc) is in basic terms a battery powered device that converts liquid into vapour. It is a great alternative to a regular tobacco cigarette. The inhaling/vaping and hand-to-mouth experience is not too dissimilar to smoking a traditional cigarette, however, an electronic […]

Get the Awesome SLX Grinder Available Now in the UK and Europe

SLX standard size silver grinder available now in the UK

SLX – A grinder of supreme quality has finally made its way to the UK’s (and Europe’s) sunny shores. The SLX grinder is like no other. With it’s incredible Cerami-Coat it never sticks to anything and nothing sticks to it! This grinder has been very popular in the USA and for good reason. It truly prevents […]

Is the GPen Elite the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Ever?

best portable dry herb vaping

Review for the GPen Elite Dry Herb Vaporizer The GPen Elite from Grenko is a completely stand-out product. The first thing that strikes you is just how small this herb vaporizer is. At only 11.5cm tall, this neat little device fits into your hand extremely comfortably with its ergonomic design. It is, without doubt, a […]