Clearos Still a Popular Choice for Vapers

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Clearos, Clearos Everywhere

The vaping world moves really fast. Manufacturers are continually bringing out brand new tanks or upgrades to their previous design releases. There is a massive choice in the market and then, of course, there is the subohm world. A universe dedicated to creating clouds to rival that of the storms on Jupiter. However, back down here on Earth there are still many vapers who don’t want the biggest clouds. Some just want to enjoy a simple vape or help themselves to get off the evils of tobacco. This is why the humble clearomizer is still the number one choice for a huge number of vapers. Clearos, as they are affectionately known, go back several years and are not too dissimilar to the original prototype electronic cigarettes. Their familiar plastic casing, often coloured, is visible wherever you go. I’ve regularly seen a couple of these being vaped on Channel 4’s Gogglebox.

Plastic is Fantastic

There are few things more satisfying than being able to buy your own colour clearomizer, right? Clearos come in a multitude of colours; there’s pinks and purples, oranges and yellows, blues and greens, blacks and completely clear, plus all the colours in between. The mouthpiece is a tough, thicker plastic in either black or white, simple and effective. These mouthpieces are the closest size to a cigarette and really feel quite comfortable to vape on. This is a good reason why so many ex-smokers choose a clearomizer to begin their switch to vaping. The Innokin iClear 16 is a great choice to start vaping. Choose your colour and get vaping!

colour choice clearos clearomizers
Innokin iClear 16 Clearomizers in a range of colours

New Metal

Over the last few years the plastic clearomizer has had an upgrade to a more solid stainless steel body. These, such as the Kanger MT3 range, also come in a plethora of colours. They are essentially the same design, yet offer the vaper more choice in terms of comfort and durability. Although they are still clearomizers, they represent a link in the chain towards bigger tanks and bigger clouds. Aspire’s excellent K1 tank is a super-stylish design with a Pyrex casing and stainless steel parts. A great choice for the intermediate vaper.

buy Kanger MT3 clearos
Kanger’s MT3 Clearos have a strong steel body

Wicked Wicks

Clearo wick (also known as coils) design has changed little since the early days of vaping. There are, in general terms, two types: those with a visible external wick like the Innokin iClear coils and those where the wick is encased in a small steel post as with the Kanger clearomizer coils. They range in resistance from 1.5 to 2.2 ohms. Despite all the fast-moving gadgetry in the world of vaping, these wicks still provide a fantastic amount of vapour. They are great for the newbie and regular vaper alike.

buy iClear coils best price
Innokin iClear coils with external wick are easy to change

Compliment the Clearomizer

Every good clearomizer deserves a good battery. Getting the most of your vaping requires a reliable and easy to use battery. Check out the eGo-C Twist, the very popular GS Lumia eGo and the truly wonderful Vision Spinners for the best vaping batteries around. These will also allow you to adjust the power to your clearomizer coil and therefore increase or decrease the amount of vapour produced. You even get to choose your favourite colour!

ecig battery for clearo
Choose a battery that will do your clearomizer justice

The Choice is Clear

When buying a clearomizer it is essential to choose a well-established brand. Manufacturers such as Innokin and Kanger are amongst the best in the market. For the new vaper it won’t really matter which coil resistance you choose. If you want more vapour then choose a coil with a lower resistance such as a 1.5 ohm. Clearomizers are lightweight and very portable. They’re discrete enough to have a quick toke when no one’s looking too. We’re really pleased that with all the great advancements in vaping technology there are still so many that love their clearomizers. The Clearomizer is here to stay!

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