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Something for Everyone with Flowermate

The Flowermate series of dry herb vaporizers deliver superb quality and versatility. As one of the most popular vaporizer brands in the world, they have continued to add to their range while keeping true to the original and recognisable V5 form. Each device brings its own unique customisation to match consumer preference.

Flowermate mini vaporizerThese devices not only look great but they feel and function fantastically. They have been designed with the user in mind, employing the latest in cutting-edge herbal vaporizing technology. They feature intuitive settings and easy to load chambers. Each vaporizer has the familiar Flowermate ceramic oven, that evenly and effectively heats dry material in order to create vapour. They are easy to clean as well as maintain. Mouthpieces are replaceable and some models, such as those in the V5 range, allow you store the mouthpiece inside the body, this makes these devices very portable and discrete.

A Quick Look at the Flowermate Range

The V5.0S are available in standard and mini sizes. They are both very portable and simple to use. After loading the oven it’s a great feeling to slide back the cover of the mouthpiece chamber, slide it out and screw it onto the top of the device. Then it’s five clicks to get your device heating and your moments away from enjoying. To increase to the next temperature setting just hold down the button for 3 seconds. There are three temperature settings available on the V5.0s devices. Both the V5.0S and V5.0S mini are sleek and fit comfortably into your pocket. If you’re looking for a robust, reliable and easy to use device, look no further than the V5.0S.

Flowermate V5.0S

Famous Flowermate V5

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Flowermate have added to the V5 range with the V5.0X. While staying true to the V5 form the X model brings added temperature controls and a stylish temperature setting display. The V5.0X also enables you to use a different materials with its tanks included as part of the package.

Flowermate V5.0X

V5X Flowermate

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The Hybrid X is the vaper’s true friend. Featuring similar controls and a familiar V5 design, the Hybrid X allows you to attach your eliquid tank to the device, so you only need one device to fulfill all your vaping needs.

Flowermate Hybrid X

Hybrid X Flowermate Upgrade

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The V3.0 Air brings further versatility to the range. It’s pen-like design and soft grip make it easy to hold. Significantly, this device allows you to attach your own equipment, therefore great for those who like to take their vaping to the next level.

Flowermate V3.0 Air

Flowermate V3 Air customize

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The VT1.0 returns to basics with a pen-like design, rubber mouthpiece and an intuitive twist temperature control. This device like others in the range is robust and reliable.

Flowermate VT1.0

VT1 Flowermate Vape

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The Aura brings several changes to the range with its LCD display and soft grip design. The LCD display gives you precision control over temperature. The ceramic oven chamber has been upgraded to produce a clean vapour so it gives you even better vapour. The Flowermate Aura is reaches the desired temperature in less than a minute, therefore there’s very little waiting around.

Flowermate Aura

Flowermate Aura advanced dry herb


So whether you’re new to dry herb vaping or your looking to upgrade your current vaporizer, Flowermate should certainly be top of your list of vaporizer considerations.

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