Is the GPen Elite the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Ever?

best portable dry herb vaping

Review for the GPen Elite Dry Herb Vaporizer

The GPen Elite from Grenko is a completely stand-out product. The first thing that strikes you is just how small this herb vaporizer is. At only 11.5cm tall, this neat little device fits into your hand extremely comfortably with its ergonomic design. It is, without doubt, a great looking dry herb vaporizer that is full of surprises.

Gpen Elite Dry Herb Vaporizer Chamber
Unique GPen Elite Dry Herb Chamber

GPen Elite Dry Herb Vaporizer Chamber

It has a large ceramic chamber, in fact, this is said to be the largest chamber for a dry herb vaporizer anywhere on the planet. That means greater vapour and less refilling. Sounds good to me!

GPen Elite Temperature Control

The great features of the GPen Elite don’t end there. The large OLED display and comfortable control buttons allow you to adjust the temperature settings for heating the dry herb chamber. Ranging from 93°-220°C, the GPen Elite differs from many vaporizers that only allow you to heat at just one or a few set temperatures. This vaporizer gives the user full control so you can find your perfect temperature for taste and vapour. And it really is vapour – there is no burning of your dry herbs.

GPen Elite Technology

The technology behind the beautiful casing and OLED screen is the very latest in cutting-edge technology for dry herb vaping. The built-in smart chip and high-grade lithium-ion battery work together to sustain battery life and provide and consistent and reliable vape. This machine is so easy to use – 5 clicks to power it up and 5 clicks to switch it off. What’s more it will even remember your last temperature setting – great for the forgetful!

GPen Elite OLED Screen
Beautiful OLED screen and controls

Don’t Miss It!

The very light but robust dry herb vaporizer is an absolute winner in every respect. For portability the GPen Elite is second to none. If you’re thinking of upgrading and or making a switch to dry herb vaping then you won’t need to look much further than the GPen Elite.

Get yours here!

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