Herbal Vaporizer Advantages

herbal vaporizer advantages

Herbal Vaporizer Advantages

We love herbal vaporizers. Just as ecigarettes helped many of us ditch the tobacco habit, so too vaporizers free us from the tobacco demon. There are many herbal vaporizer advantages. In contrast there are very few reasons not to use one. Here we have a look at some of those features and advantages. If you haven’t switched please read on. We think you’ll find a device you’ll love.

Improved Technology

Vaporizer technology is always improving so the user experience is improving too. Many have moved away from the large table-top vaporizers and are finding much enjoyment with a portable device. They come in all shapes and sizes but essentially do the same thing – vaporize materials. There are devices that actually burn herbs but there has been a far greater rise in vaporizer popularity.

Only the Good Stuff

Vaporizing herbs releases all the good stuff so it’s a pure experience. You would be surprised how much more you can get out of vaporizing as opposed to burning. It’s well-known that inhaling burning materials isn’t really good for you. So let’s save our respiratory systems and switch to vaping.

Speed is the essence

Filling and powering-up a vaporizer takes very little time and effort. Herbal vaporizers feature an oven chamber where herbs are packed directly into. Usually these ovens are ceramic and heat by convection. This ensures a good even bake. Accessing the oven, for most vaporizers means flipping off the mouthpiece. In some cases, like the Flowermate V5 series, a neat sliding cover moves to reveal the chamber. Depending on the device, heating takes around a minute. High-end devices like the PAX 2 & 3 are considerably quicker than that! So you can reaping the benefits while your mate is still looking for a clipper-bit. Ah herbal vaporizer advantages!

Clutter-Free Enjoyment

On that note, there are fewer components you need with a herbal vaporizer so you get what you want quickly. No tobacco, paper, roach, pokey-thing, lighter, ashtray. As a result no messy boxes, trays and carpets. All you need is your materials and the occasional charge. Most herb devices use a micro-usb port to charge, so those with Android phones are doubly happy!

Vaporizer Portability

Vaporizing on the go couldn’t be easier, they are seriously portable. Pocket herbal vaporizers are compact and some of the pen vaporizers could easily pass for an ecig. There’s even a vaporizer that looks just like a car-key fob.

Turn-up the Heat

All herbal vaporizers feature some sort of temperature control and varying temperature ranges. In general you start at the lowest temperature and make your way up the scale. At higher temps you cab squeeze the last bit of good vapour out of your materials. Changing the temperature is made simple on all devices with a click of a button (or two). The higher the temperature, the denser the vapour.

Love Your Vaporizer

We’ve pointed out a few of the features and herbal vaporizer advantages. So if you’ve been thinking about making the switch, we’re sure it’s a move you’ll be pleased you made. We really love herbal vaporizers. See our range of fantastic devices at Vapour Town and brave the switch.

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