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PAX half pack oven lid accessories

PAX accessories are a must have!

The PAX is the probably the most popular and sophisticated portable herb vaporizer in the world. For this reason there are a number of accessories to customise and keep your PAX in tip-top condition. From oven lids and multi-tools to chargers and screens, we have a look at the range of PAX accessories.

PAX Oven Lids

One of the best loved features of the PAX is its oven. Deep and wide, a joy to fill! The oven lid really is a smart-lid. Not only does it hold the contents safely inside but it’s also your mouthpiece. For this reason, PAX and New Vape have created a number of different oven lids to suit the user.

Vented and Non-Vented Oven Lids

For those that like a tight draw on their PAX there’s the Non-Vented Oven Lid by New Vape. This lid also features a pusher to pack your materials in tightly or for those who don’t like to fill the oven chamber. New Vape also created a Vented Oven Lid with the same pusher device for those that like a little air in their draw. Both of these great PAX accessories fit perfectly and perform exactly as you would expect them to. What we love about the New Vape Oven Lids is that they feature an integrated removal notch that really makes a difference when you want access to the oven. This addition makes removing the PAX oven lid easy.

Non Vented Oven Lid

pax accsssoreis non vented oven lid

Vented Oven Lid

pax vented oven lid new vape

In contrast to the pusher mechanism, PAX designed the Half Pack Oven Lid. This is a deeper oven lid that sits half-way down your oven chamber. Like the pusher mechanisms by New Vape, the Half Pack Oven Lid is great for those who don’t want to fill their chambers or when your resources are running low and you want to get the most out of them from your PAX Vaporizer.

Half Pack Oven Lid by PAX

PAX half pack oven lid accessories

If you like to keep your PAX oven filled, then there’s the Vented Oven Lid by New Vape. Allowing great air flow even from a full chamber, this lid connects magnetically to your device and has been a very popular alternative to the PAX-supplied oven lid.

Vented Oven Lid by New Vape

vented oven lid new vape pax accessory

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PAX Cleaning Tools

You’ve spent good money on a high-end device, so you’ll want to keep it in great condition for years to come. The PAX Multi Tool can help you do just that. This neat little device that can also fit on your key ring, features a swiveling tool that will make packing and removing easy and safe. It looks pretty cool too as you’d expect from a PAX product.

pax accessory multi tool

New Vape have produced the PAX Reclaim and Cleaning Rod that fits perfectly down the air path to give it a good clean and maintain the great vapour production of the PAX. The rod is made form medical grade stainless steel so it’s top quality. To use this tool, don’t remove the screen or mouthpiece, just push the rod all the way through the air-tube! A good tip here is heat the PAX slightly thus aiding removal of debris.

pax new vape cleaning rod

Replacement Screens

New Vape offer their own screen that sits at the bottom of the oven. You may wonder what’s the point of the alternative, but as with all PAX accessories they have their place and function. This screen has a 3D groove configuration that aids airflow and also allows the oven to be heated to high temperatures to optimize vapour production by evenly cooking your herbs.

pax accessories new vape screens


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PAX Water Adapter

For those that like to take their vaping to the next level there’s the PAX Water Adapter. This cleverly designed piece of kit by New Vape allows you to connect the PAX to a water tool to keep your vapour extra cool and smooth. This stainless steel device with adjustable O-rings will hold everything securely in place.

Male Water adapter 3 by New Vape

PAX Mini Charger

Finally a quick look at a very important piece of kit for a portable herb vaporizer. The portable USB dock Mini Charger by PAX is great for ensuring your vaporizer keeps working when you’re away from home. PAX charging on the go! Now that’s peace of mind!

Official PAX mini charger

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