Flowermate Vaporizer Range

The Flowermate range delivers quality herb vaporizing. These devices not only look great but they feel and function fantastically. They have been designed with the user in mind, employing the latest in cutting-edge vaping herbal vaporizing technology. It features intuitive settings and easy to load chambers. Together making these brilliant vaporizers a great companion. Each device has its own specific functions and complimentary design. Each vaporizer has a ceramic oven. This evenly and effectively heats in order to create vapour. They are easy to clean as well as maintain. Mouthpieces are replaceable and some models such as the Flowermate V5.0S and the Mini version allow you store the mouthpiece inside the body. This makes it very portable and discrete. Temperature settings and control vary from model to model. Whichever you choose, you’ll be assured of a consistent and reliable vape. Above all – a complete joy to use.

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