Get the Awesome SLX Grinder Available Now in the UK and Europe

SLX standard size silver grinder available now in the UK

SLX – A grinder of supreme quality has finally made its way to the UK’s (and Europe’s) sunny shores.

The SLX grinder is like no other. With it’s incredible Cerami-Coat it never sticks to anything and nothing sticks to it! This grinder has been very popular in the USA and for good reason. It truly prevents wastage (pardon the pun) with its multi-level design that is surprisingly simple and astonishingly effective. SLX grinder available now in the UK and Europe!

SLX Grinder Available Now in the UK

The SLX is like nothing you’ve ever used before. It’s 55 Cerami-Coated teeth grind through just about anything. Available in a range of attractive colours and a very handy SLX pocket size version too.

This grinder is for life! The Cerami-Coat offers ultra low friction as well as repelling water and oils. What’s more and certainly important is that its amazing ceramic coat means that you don’t even have to clean it!!! That’s right – it keeps itself clean.

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Now watch the vid!

If you own a grinder, but it’s not an SLX grinder, then you don’t really have a grinder.

The SLX grinder is available in the UK exclusively at Vapour Town

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